Franklin Ngamga

Business Development Director, NuriFlex Inc.

Key Project Team


With many years of business development experience in multinational companies like Samsung and venture capital in England, Mr. Ngamga plays a key role to make NuriTopia’s global expansion. His long years of global project experience in business development and marketing will help NuriTopia getting closer to our global users quickly. He has successfully created NuriTopia communities and continues to be closely involved to maintain strong communities.

History & Achievement

  • Lead global marketing for NuriTopia project
  • Years of experience in business development and marketing for various projects in Africa
  • Numerous software development projects such as payment gateway solution
  • Blockchain-enabled application development and marketing experienced
  • Multiple years of experience at Conduit Ventures Limited (VC firm in London), investing in early and growth-stage companies across multiple sectors
  • Experienced working with venture-backed startups on groundbreaking technologies in Norway, Switzerland, Germany and the US.
  • MBA from University of Cambridge