NURITOPIA is a boundless universe that brings people with similar hobbies and common interests together.

We are developing a metaverse that offers a way to authentically forge a social connection in a virtual environment and an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in both real-life and fantastical activities.

NURITOPIA’s native token is $NBLU, and the metaverse ecosystem will initially offer dating, NFT marketplace, health consulting, community club and office space services.

Our vision is to create the most immersive metaverse experience where reality and virtual intimately blend, and content creators can capitalize on their participation.

Friends & Hangouts

NFT Marketplace

Community Club

Health Consulting

Work Office


An ideal environment to meet people from different backgrounds and horizons, make friends, find a partner or go on a virtual date.

The platform will offer a variety of recreative and outing activities and allow the users to interact with one another virtually and through actual life communication channels.



The Nuritopia library will allow users to customize their avatars with a wide array of facial features, outfits, hairstyles, backgrounds, accessories, and numerous other design elements to their liking.



Users will meet with potential romantic partners in virtual spaces, engage in novel activities, or invest more deeply in their interests and passions. Nuritopia will offer numerous dating places to explore.

Pet Customization

Pet Customization

NURITOPIA is also a beautiful, whimsical world full of customizable pets. Accordingly, users can create their own unique pets. Countless accessories are available for those seeking the most stylish pets.

Zone Selection

Zone Selection

When entering the NURITOPIA metaverse, the user lands in a common zone and will be able to select a destination zone. These zones are spaces that differ from one to another. The destination zone can be automatically assigned based on the user’s preferences and hobbies.

High-Quality Communication Tools

High-Quality Communication Tools

NURITOPIA will provide high-quality video, voice, and chat services. Additionally, users will have the option to automatically create an instant video meeting room with nearby users for instant 1:1 chats.


Nuritopia will allow the participants to monetize their creativity by minting and selling their digital assets on a metaverse marketplace. Tradable assets will include virtual real estate, avatars, and artworks created off-platform. The assets will be displayed in attractive venues such as museums, showrooms, or during special trade events and auctions.

In addition, some NFT types may provide a range of benefits, including VIP access to real-life events such as concerts, activity clubs and festivals, to name a few, as well as events occurring within the metaverse.

The holders of some categories of NFT may be entitled to discounts for services provided by Nuritopia’s business partners across multiple sectors.


This matching service aims to provide quality transparency to participants in the need for medical care. The average person can’t understand what qualifies a doctor to treat patients at the condition and subspecialty level.

This service uses a data science approach that measures several quality factors for physicians to provide participants with the most accurate physician matching service available today in the virtual world.

  • Accessibility

  • Affordability

  • Expertise

  • Satisfaction



Businesses are retooling offices to attract and retain top talents as many workers seek to find a balance between coming into the office and working from home.

Our workspaces will empower users with the freedom and flexibility of mobility by eliminating office space overhead and hardware constraints. Advanced voice & video conferencing tools have been developed to foster conversations and collaboration behind full-bodied avatars. Other useful tools include shared whiteboards, asynchronous chat, and document sharing.

Like many, we believe the transition to remote work has already started, and it will be of major economic importance.


Nuritopia will be a multi-service ecosystem that rewards its users for their contribution and in which the partnering businesses can truly thrive.
The $NBLU token will serve as the transaction medium for all services.


  • 39% Ecosystem
  • 14% Strategic Partner
  • 10.75% Operation
  • 8.25% Participation
  • 10% Team
  • 10% Marketing
  • 8% Sales



Hangbae ChangProfessor

  • Professor, Industrial Security at Chung-Ang University
  • - Head of CAU – ITRC
  • - President, ICT Platform Society

Howon KimProfessor

  • Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
    at Pusan National University
  • - Chief of Blockchain Research Center

Ock Hyun NohVP, Assetplus

  • Co-founder / former CEO of Assetplus
    Asset Management

Seuk Joon LeePartner Lawyer at Yulchon LLC

  • Syracuse University / AICPA (US)

Kyujo LeeAseptic Group Chairman

  • Dr. Specialize in Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Catholic University of Korea

Sun Hyung YooMedihub CEO

  • Dr. Specialize in Thyroid Surgeon
  • Catholic University of Korea

Yo Han KimMedihub CMO

  • Dr. Specialize in Plastic Surgeon
  • Catholic University of Korea

Jung Hoon HanNuriFlex Korea, CTO

  • Seoul National University

Seong Ho ShinNuriVoice, CTO

  • Korea University

Ernie OforiNuriFlex Inc., CTO

  • UCLV (Santa Clara)


  • Q12021~2022

    • NURITOPIA design, planning, and development
    • Token design and development (NBLU, NFT)
    • Discussion and planning with third-party solution providers
    • New website design and development

  • Q22021~2022

    • NBLU Whitepaper v1.0 preparation

  • Q32021~2022

    • NBLU token issuance
    • NBLU Whitepaper v1.0 release
    • NURITOPIA Friends & Hangouts Zone test(alpha) version release
    • NURITOPIA NFT Marketplace Zone design and development

  • Q42021~2022

    • NURITOPIA Friends & Hangouts Zone test(beta) version release
    • NURITOPIA global marketing

  • Q22023

    • NURITOPIA Friends & Hangouts Zone official version release
    • NURITOPIA NFT Marketplace Zone official version release

  • Q42023

    • NURITOPIA launch events & global marketing
    • NURITOPIA Community Zone official version release
    • NURITOPIA Health Consulting Zone official version release

  • Q22024

    • NURITOPIA Work Office Zone official version release